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There are often certain unavoidable or unforeseeable circumstances that can lead to students falling behind with essay writing and other assignments. This may be because other work is due, your part-time job prevents you, or you have problems with your computer.

Consequently, you do not have time to complete an assignment by deadline. It is here that knowing what the best writing services are can prove useful.

If it is the case you have a school or college paper that needs to be completed in a hurry, there is always the option of getting our professional writers to complete your work for you. Keep reading this helpful guide to find out what the best writing services are and how these services operate.

Criteria Used to Evaluate the Different Essay Writing Services

When looking for the best writing services, we took the following criteria and factors into consideration:

Cost: While the cost of a writing service may not concern some students, it is still a crucial consideration. A company that requires a large fee for every page of text does not mean the content it provides is excellent. In the same vein, the work provided by a cheap writing service may be of poor quality.

Customer Service/Support: Our evaluation looked at writing services that provided support to customers and had a team on hand to readily offer help. Websites that provide the facility for customers to call directly when they need assistance were favored in our assessment.

Speed of Turnaround: A writing service that takes too long to get projects completed are not inviting, regardless of the quality of the completed work. Therefore, we chose those websites that turn projects around quickly i.e. within a matter of hours.

Work Quality: Every company on our final list employs native English-speaking writers and has a four-year degree at minimum. Please note that we consider consistency, spelling, punctuation and overall grammar crucial in essay writing.


  • Customers can send messages directly to their writer
  • Caters for deadlines of 3 hours minimum and upwards
  • Support provided to customers 24/7
  • Affordable prices, beginning at $12.99 per page
  • A discount of 15% offered on first orders


  • The cost of an ENL writer is greater than the cost of an ESL writer*

If your aim is to find a relatively low-cost writing service, is worth considering. This company charges $12.99 for a 300-word page of text and customers are offered a discount of 15% on their first order. This writing service offers help with all types of essays and research papers.

It is possible for customers to send messages directly to their writers via this website. This means you can provide comprehensive and clear instructions on how you want your final paper to look and/or describe the style of writing you would like. This company says it delivers 100% of its orders in a timely manner, which you may think a little suspicious.

In any case, the quality of the work provided by is never compromised. This company employs a mixture of ENL (English as a Native Language) and ESL (English as a Second Language) writers. If you require a native English-speaking writer, you will be required to pay extra.

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  • Work delivered on time
  • Discounts of 15% given to members
  • Orders delivered within 3-hour timeframes and upwards
  • Reasonable prices, beginning at $12.99 per page
  • Support provided to customers around-the-clock


  • Majority of writers at this company are non-native English speakers
  • Slow revision service — can take anything from 14 to 30 days

Although most writers at speak English as their second language (ESL), customers are still assured of superb quality of work because, having been English speakers for a while, these writers speak it well. Consequently, it is difficult to see any difference in their writing, and this enables this writing service to provide great-quality written work at prices that are very competitive.

There are more than 3500 competent writers working online at This makes them unique because writers are constantly available, and this allows them to turnaround orders in the quickest average times.

They are also capable of writing for different disciplines and subject areas. More than 56,000 students use this platform, and the vast majority express satisfaction with the papers they get first time with no need to ask for revisions.

It does not matter if you order argumentative essays, thesis proposals, or other types of papers, can be hired for your assignment. Additionally, customers can select high school, college, undergraduate and Ph.D. papers. As well as writing essays, this company also provides help with resume writing and cover letters.

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  • Reasonable prices beginning at $12.99
  • Support provided to customers 24/7
  • Discounted prices on larger orders
  • Discounts of 15% offered on first orders
  • Accommodates 3-hour deadlines and upwards
  • Employs a combination of ENL writers and ESL writers


  • A somewhat basic website

This writing service is economically-priced and is a good option for high school, college and university-level students. Various types of writing are offered such as college-level essays, admission papers, marketing materials, dissertation writing and so on. As is the case with the other services that we have evaluated for our top three list, the writers here revise, edit and proofread the customer’s papers until they are completely satisfied with the results.

Prices at start at $12.99. However, customers are offered discounts of 15% the first time they use this service. Customers who continue to place orders become eligible for lifelong discounts, a feature that makes this service very affordable. When, for instance, the number of pages a customer orders reaches or exceeds 15, 50 and 100 pages in total, they are offered 5% reductions, 10% reductions and 15% reductions respectively.

The writers at the company are a combination of those who are native English speakers and those whose second language is English. It is also important to mention here that the content they provide is high quality and delivered in short timeframes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Concerning Writing Websites and Writing Services

Does the company employ native English-speaking writers?
The majority of writers are native English speakers. Some of the writers, however, are non-native speakers but possess excellent English. Some websites apply an extra charge for native English-speaking writers but it is possible to save money by asking for a non-native English-speaking writer.

What should I do if my paper is not delivered on time?
If a paper is late being delivered, you are entitled to ask to have your money refunded. However, this option depends on which company you use. Yet, the majority of writing services turn orders around fast. But, because late delivery does sometimes occur, it is advisable to allow the company a little bit of buffering time.

What function does an essay writing service perform?
The main function of an essay writing service, whether it is considered the best essay writing service or otherwise, is writing essay papers for its customers. The customer is required to provide instructions that their assigned writer should adhere to during the writing process to deliver the product the customer requires. It is usually possible to ask for a paper to be written for a specific grade, topic and number of pages, and in a specific style. The writing service then writes the paper and delivers it by the agreed deadline.

Certain companies offer quick turnaround, e.g., 3-hour timeframes provided the customer is happy to pay extra. It is, however, possible to get reduced rates and discounts on longer deadlines.

If I use an essay writing service, how do I pay for it?
In most cases, an essay writing service will accept customer payments in US dollars using a debit or credit card or via the PayPal system. Certain websites will facilitate payments in currencies other than USD such as AUD, CAD, GBP and EUR. Also, if a customer is unable to pay the full amount in one hit, they may be able to find a company that accommodates part payments or installment payments.

Are companies that provide essay writing help illegal?
They are not illegal, as you will see if you check out various essay writing service reviews. The companies that provide these services are legal since the answers or papers they provide are model papers only. Please note that the customer provides guidance or instructions and these are used to develop unique and non-plagiarized content. The majority of writing services will state clearly that they provide model papers for customers. And even though you can use these as models or examples, you should not submit the written work of these writers as your own.

Please note, however, that while it is legal to hand in an essay that has been custom-written for you, this is generally against the policy of most schools. You could find yourself in a lot of trouble if you are caught doing this.

It is also worth noting that there have been reports of certain writing services blackmailing students for extra money to prevent their college or school finding out they were trying to cheat. This is another reason to take care about what writing service you choose.

Will I be able to speak directly to my assigned writer?
This is very dependent on which writing service you choose. Some of these companies provide the facilities for customers to send messages to their assigned writers. For example, it may be that you want to provide detailed instructions or give your writer feedback. However, there are some writing services where you will only be able to speak to your writer via a member of the company’s administration team once work on your order commences.

Will I be able to submit a paper as my own?
In reality, a student is not meant to submit a paper that someone else has written. But, if you are determined to do this, there is nothing to prevent you. Most professionally-run writing services see the work they provide as models or sample essays, and these are meant to be used by students as guides. Yet, a lot of students submit these as papers they wrote themselves. While this is not illegal, it usually is contrary to the policy of most colleges and universities. Thus, you need to be extremely careful.

Will it be possible for me to request revisions?
If changes are needed to a paper, it is possible to ask for a free revision. Although some companies offer an unlimited number of revisions, other companies only offer 1 or maybe 2 revisions.

Who will the essays be written by?
Most of the writers employed by online writing services are students and graduates with expertise in a given field. The field may be law, medicine, nursing, psychology and so on. The writers are conversant in their chosen fields and their aim is to earn extra money by writing essay papers. Let us suppose the service you have chosen permits you to send messages directly to your writer. This means you may ask that person about their experience of writing on your particular subject.

Is plagiarism something that should worry me?
If a writing service is reputable, it should provide original papers for you to buy. Additionally, the majority offer plagiarism checking free-of-charge but, in some cases, you may be asked for payment. There are also several low-cost and even free plagiarism-checking tools online that you can use.
Are the title and reference pages always provided for free?
This is not the case. Much depends on the writing service. Sometimes everything is included in the listed price while other companies apply an extra fee for these additional pages. This is why it is important to read and fully understand a company’s terms of business before you place your order.

Final Thoughts on Our Essay Writing Services Review

A lot of people are not great at writing academic texts, even for their area or field of study. Luckily, it is possible to purchase the essays you need from reputable and reliable companies such as those reviewed here. All the companies we mention employ professional and experienced writers who edit, proofread and undertake revisions on every paper as a way of ensuring it meets your requirements.

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I am a creative person, enthusiast writer with an endless source of ideas. I always have a fresh topic for discussion.